Chemical and Environmental Services 

Mac Arrows Environmental and safety solutions is a division that specializes in environmental management. Environmental awareness is promoted by legal compliance, environmental system integration, and strategies to preserve natural ecosystems, landscapes, and environmental integrity.

•Waste Recovery- Collection, handling and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

•Environmental Auditing and Monitoring

•Training-we address the requirements to comprehend some environmental concepts by providing training in Environmental Awareness.

•Environmental Legal Assistance- we consider all risks and help make idea a reality by providing the following services to secure the necessary permits and authorizations: environmental Risk and Legal Advice, Environmental Permitting Services (e.g. EIA)

•Integration of Environmental Systems

•Development of Environmental management Plan (EMP)

Occupational Safety and Hygiene

Through communication and implementation of requirements, as well as awareness creation and monitoring, we try to enable the business to proactively identify risks and put in place steps to prevent and/or limit incidents. The following are some of the services available, however they are not exhaustive.

•Multidisciplinary Risk Assessment — a thorough examination of the organization's flaws, strengths, opportunities and through-line input, including business drivers, in order to proactively identify internal and external issues that could jeopardize operations' safety.

•OSE Site Management support— full OSE site support through identification, creation of awareness and implementation of mechanisms for incident prevention, monitoring and reporting.

•Safety related training/motivation — to help the organization commit (or recommit) to 'why safety in our workplace.’  Mac Arrows Environmental & Safety Solutions will draw on personal experience from executives to frontline employees, including service providers and safety professionals to apply to the organizational line.

•SHE files development – preparation of risk-based plan guided by the scope of work and any other external elements that will represent a risk or opportunity to the company operation

•Occupational Hygiene Monitoring — conduct surveys in line with stipulated requirements (noise, illumination, ventilation, indoor air quality, thermal comfort and ergonomics).